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The sixth book in this action-packed, wildly original fantasy series by New York Times Bestselling Author Jasmine Walt.

If Sunaya and Iannis thought there would be time to rest after returning from their last mission, they are sorely mistaken. The Minister sends them to face off with yet more dangerous enemies - this time in a lawless port in remote Garai, where pirates and slavers thrive, and everyone is fair game. To hide their undercover mission, Sunaya and Iannis travel to Garai as official guests to a state funeral. But Sunaya’s luck runs out when she finds out her father is on the guest list, and worse, runs straight into him and his family. For now, her deadly secret is safe. But once they discover her true identity, they may not be willing to suffer her alive…

In Solantha, being a mage puts you at the top of the food chain. But for a shifter-mage hybrid Sunaya Baine, her abilities might just be the death of her.

When a Chicago police detective goes up against witches and fae to find her fiance's killer, the truth she discovers will destroy her world.

Demons tore her life apart. Can a sexy Scottish Druid put it back together again? Find out in this scorching paranormal romance!


The third book in the instant New York Times Bestselling Series by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton!

Once a whip-smart detective and a powerful Shadow, Brooke Chandler has been stripped of both memories and identity. She now spends her days scrubbing floors, reduced to nothing more than a servant girl. But even with no memory of her previous life or how she ended up a slave, Brooke won’t remain trapped for long—not with friends and enemies alike vying to find her.

A desperate escape attempt lands her in the deadly, beautiful land of Faerie, where nothing is as it seems—including her father, The Winter King. Here, she rediscovers her past life, full of allies and foes all waiting for her return. Faced with the opportunity to flee, Brooke must decide which fate terrifies her more: staying in a place where her enemies wants her dead, or returning to confront the ones who want her for murder.

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Meet Jasmine

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling Author Jasmine Walt is obsessed with books, chocolate, and sharp, pointy objects. Somehow, those three things melded together in her head and transformed into a desire to write. Usually fantastical stuff, with a healthy dose of action and romance. Her characters are a little (okay, a lot) on the snarky side, and they swear, but they mean well. Even the villains sometimes.

When Jasmine isn't working on her next book, you can find her practicing her dao sword form, spending time with her family, or binge-watching superhero shows on Netflix. She loves to hear from her readers, so if you've got a question or just want to say hi, feel free to email her at jasmine[at]jasminewalt[dot]com.

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