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My name is Ace Bissett, and I'm a paranormal detective who doesn't believe in magic.

Or at least, I didn't before I met them.

The day I inherited my aunt's old house, everything changed. One moment, I was convinced that magic was a hoax. The next, I'm surrounded by four winged, fanged, ridiculously hot guys who are definitely not human, and who insist that I'm the only one who can break the curse that binds them to the night.

I know I should run far, far away from this hot mess, but there's a connection between us I can't deny. I'm seeing things I can't explain, feeling things that don't make sense. The detective in me has never been able to resist a mystery, and this one is just begging me to dig in.

But all that will have to wait, because there's a new threat stalking my city. One with a taste for blood and bone, unable to be killed or captured by normal human means.

It's a good thing I've got four new roommates to help me hunt them down. But even if I didn't, I'd figure out a way. Because I never give up. I never give in. And I always protect what's mine.

In Solantha, being a mage puts you at the top of the food chain. But for a shifter-mage hybrid Sunaya Baine, her abilities might just be the death of her.

One powerful woman. Three sexy heroes. A reverse harem fantasy full of magic, adventure, hot sex, and much, much more...

In an alternate London, where ancient Hindu gods rule, one woman holds humanity’s fate in her blood-stained hands...


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When Nia Rivers closed her eyes and let death take her, she thought her immortal life had finally come to an end. But death is only the beginning, and for an adventurer like Nia, there is no rest even in the afterlife. 

Now, Nia stands in the Garden of Eden, and all is not well in paradise. A group of angels are lobbying for the eradication of humanity, and as the bipeds continue to commit heinous acts that affect all of creation, God seems less inclined to say no with every passing day.

As the vote sways out of humanity’s favor, it’s up to Nia and her friends to stop the Apocalypse. But to do it, they’ll have to find a way to claw their way back to the surface and re-enter the world of the living once more.

Of course, that might involve fighting an army of angels, and defying God herself. But no one ever said coming back from the dead would be easy…and if Nia doesn’t figure it out soon, there won’t be anything left to return to.

Meet Jasmine

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling Author Jasmine Walt is obsessed with books, chocolate, and sharp, pointy objects. Somehow, those three things melded together in her head and transformed into a desire to write. Usually fantastical stuff, with a healthy dose of action and romance. Her characters are a little (okay, a lot) on the snarky side, and they swear, but they mean well. Even the villains sometimes.

When Jasmine isn't working on her next book, you can find her practicing her dao sword form, spending time with her family, or binge-watching superhero shows on Netflix. She loves to hear from her readers, so if you've got a question or just want to say hi, feel free to email her at jasmine[at]jasminewalt[dot]com.