ANNOUNCEMENT: What’s next for the Baine Chronicles Series?

April 10, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I announced I'd be doing a Facebook LIVE Q&A so I could update you all on what's happening with the Baine Chronicles Series. Many of my fans don't have Facebook, or don't follow my Facebook page, so I promised to repost the video on my blog so you could all watch the replay.

Unfortunately, technology continues to thwart me--the video is posted below, but it is TINY! So, here's a recap of the main points:

1 - The Fenris novella I announced is NOT about what happens to Fenris after the end of Scorched by Magic. It's about his backstory - in short, how he came to BE Fenris in the first place.

2 - In addition to the novella, Fenris is ALSO getting his own series! This will be a spinoff from the Baine Chronicles, set in a completely different part of the Northia Federation, with a brand new cast of characters. And it's very possible Fenris might finally find a love of his own...if he doesn't get himself killed first. 😉

3 - Annia is also going to be getting a novella, AND a spinoff series, so that we can find out what happened to her when she went to Southia, and continue her adventures that take place after the end of Scorched by Magic. Like Fenris, the novella will focus on backstory (what happened in Southia) and the spinoff will focus on current events.​

4 - Sunaya and Iannis WILL have one more book, but chronologically speaking, it has to come after the Fenris spinoff. I know many of you have been disappointed that they haven't finally gotten hitched yet, and there are still one or two more threads to tie up with them. It just might take awhile before we get to that final eighth book. The other characters need attention too! 😉

5 - The Shadows of Salem series has two more books left, and these have to be written before I can get to the Fenris spinoff. Both will be released this year, hopefully during the summer! 

6 - As if I weren't crazy enough, I have TWO new series coming out, and the first book in both are up for pre-order! DRAGON BONES follows the adventures of Nia, and immortal archaeologist with a passion for uncovering history's dark secrets, and MARKED BY SIN follows the story of an assassin trying to find her place in a world ruled by ancient Hindu gods. You can pre-order both on Amazon - just click on the covers below!

7 - At this time, I do not have a release date for the Fenris spinoff series. I am going to be writing the trilogy over the summer, and my plan is to release them sometime this fall...but with all this other crazy stuff going on, it could very well be winter. As soon as I know, you'll know! I can't wait to share these books with you. 

All right, that's all I've got for now. If you still want to watch the video, it's below. ​Happy listening, and stay tuned for my next update! <3

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I would like to know if books 6 and 7 of the baine chronicles will be available on audible and if so when and will they be available for people who live outside the US (e.g Switzerland or england)?
Thank you.
And of course it goes without saying that I love the series and will be trying your other ones as well.


    Hi Rosanna,

    Book 6 is out on Audible now! Book 7 should be coming out in the next couple of weeks. 🙂


      OK… maybe it’s the font on the page.. Looked like 8 was out on Audible BEFORE being published.. My bad! hahahaha :’)

Georgianna Skinner

Will there be more Shades of Salem books?


    Yes 🙂

Denys Louderback

What is the name of the book which features Fenris?


    It isn’t out yet.


Loving the Baine Chronicles. Soooo.. Are we going to need to pop Fenris & Annia Trilogy(s) in there to get all of this? … the novellas? Authors kill me at times!! hahaha Love y’all, but ya kill me.. 🙂
WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Book 8 out on Audible, but not a Kindle!!!!??? I’m screaming in my head!! WRONG!! so WRONG!! I need my fix! Hurry up! 😀


Just found the Baine Chronicles series & binge-read ALL of them over the past few weeks (Including Tested by Magic novella.) L.O.V.E. THE SERIES – thank you! Looking forward to the spin-offs, novellas & whatever else you write in the series!
The new series both look fascinating – especially Dragon Bones (immortal archeologist? Too cool!)

Thank you again & again – keep writing!!


Loved the Baine series and am glad you are going to continue with the spin offs. Also like the Shadows of Salem series and look forward to the next installment. Which is why I would like to offer my editing services free of charge. I found a lot of little mistakes and inconsistencies in the books. It’s easy to miss the things spell check won’t catch, like the name of a town changing spelling, or do instead of to. I don’t want to take the place of your current editor, but my fresh review could be helpful in catching these mistakes.

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