Cursed by Night

Her Dark Protectors Series, Book 1

My name is Ace Bissett, and I’m a paranormal detective who doesn’t believe in magic.

Or at least, I didn’t before I met them.

The day I inherited my aunt’s old house, everything changed. One moment, I was convinced that magic was a hoax. The next, I’m surrounded by four winged, fanged, ridiculously hot guys who are definitely not human, and who insist that I’m the only one who can break the curse that binds them to the night.

I know I should run far, far away from this hot mess, but there’s a connection between us I can’t deny. I’m seeing things I can’t explain, feeling things that don’t make sense. The detective in me has never been able to resist a mystery, and this one is just begging me to dig in.

But all that will have to wait, because there’s a new threat stalking my city. One with a taste for blood and bone, unable to be killed or captured by normal human means.

It’s a good thing I’ve got four new roommates to help me hunt them down. But even if I didn’t, I’d figure out a way. Because I never give up. I never give in. And I always protect what’s mine.

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Kissed by Night

Her Dark Protectors Series, Book 2

My name is Ace Bissett, and I used to think magic was a hoax. Now I’ve got four dark, sexy gargoyles at my beck and call, magic bursting from my fingertips, and a curse that’s proving ridiculously hard to break. Juggling all of that would be a challenge on its own, but when you add in my day job as a detective? It’s almost impossible.

But all of that stuff is the least of my worries. A new threat has risen in my city, and it looks like the murderer is going after anyone with an interest in the occult. That makes me the perfect person to stop him…but also the perfect target. And the deeper I dig, the more I realize that this isn’t an accident. The murderer is trying to get my attention, and if I don’t unmask him soon, this could be the end for not just me, but the four gargoyles who have become more important to me than life itself…

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Hidden by Night

Her Dark Protectors Series, Book 3

My name is Ace Bisset, and after a lifetime of proving magic doesn’t exist, I’m learning how to be a witch.

If you’d told me a few months ago that I’d be burning sage and staking vampires, I would have laughed in your face. And yet here I am, casting spells and brewing potions while I relentlessly search for a way to lift the curse that binds my four lovers to the night.

But just when I think I’m getting a handle on my powers, ghosts from my past surface…literally. These spirits bring danger to everyone I hold dear while hurting innocent bystanders in the process–which is something I can’t allow, no matter the cost.

My dark protectors will do anything to keep me safe, but as far as this new threat is concerned, I’m on my own. For even the strongest warrior can’t fight an enemy they can’t see, and if I don’t find a way to defeat these spirits, we might end up trapped in the darkness…forever…

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Broken by Night

Her Dark Protectors Series, Book 4

My name is Ace Bisset, and I’ve finally embraced what it means to be a witch.

But even with all my newfound power, I still haven’t figured out how to break this damned curse. And that’s a problem, because time is running out. In order to save the four men I’ve grown to love more than life itself, I have to search deep within my powers and find the key to breaking the dark magic trapping my friends to the night.

But just when I think I might be getting close to breaking the curse, a new big bad comes into town, and he knows a lot about me. Turns out he’s been watching me, waiting for this very moment. If I don’t stop him from carrying out his plans, then it won’t matter if I can break the curse or not.

Because we’ll all be cursed.

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